The first clip you see is from the unveiling of a series of experiential pieces we did for HP for their ‘Discover’ conferences in Las Vegas and Frankfurt, Germany. We filmed 3 documentaries on their partner, Dreamworks, and incorporated those videos into a giant printed poster which would ‘come alive’ at various moments, highlighting the cooperative process that HP and Dreamworks went through in creating the animated feature, Madagascar. We also created various other graphic way-finding animations and lighting for helping to direct the audience to the various booths.

For Verizon, this motion and proximity-detecting interactive wall was designed by UVPH for AKQA, for ‘destination’ Verizon stores, as a technology demo. As a viewer approaches the wall, the Verizon Network ‘particles’ form around the viewer and as they get closer, the particles fully form into an avatar that moves in accord with the viewer’s movements. Then, based on the viewer’s hand movements, they are able to manipulate various forms of social media.

The next piece is an excerpt from a visualization of a possible smart phone app from Duracell that could be used in conjunction with their PowerMat technology.

The next piece shows the work we did to created Syfy network’s 2014 yearly “Up Front” presentation. This was the third year we created the graphics. This year, Syfy tripled the excitement by having three giant LED screens instead of one main screen. So, this meant a huge amount of coordination between the screens and much larger resolutions than before.

The last piece shows our latest demonstration in augmented reality that, with AppShaker, we brought to AdTech San Francisco.