Seven of the experiences are projection-mapped video walk-troughs, complete with a UVPH-created soundscape. Along with Thinc, we’ve created a truly immersive and unique event on the ground floor of the pavilion; a combination of video, light, sound, and architecture, interwoven into a digital journey across the America’s diverse foodscape.

UVPH chose to utilize a combination of live action, 2D animation, and 3D animation techniques to achieve an aesthetic that fit with the complex nature of the Great American Foodscape. The videos are divided into eight categories: An introductory video in the Vestibule, a video showcasing the changing foodways from an Italian immigrant’s perspective, the story of the distinctly different types of all-American-BBQ, the fast and hectic nature of America’s obsession with On-the-Go food to match our On-the-Go lifestyle, the quintessential American Food holiday—Thanksgiving, the current craving for healthy and traditional meals delivered in a Farm-to-Table fashion, the American passion for food created by artisans, and finally some of the new developments with American cuisine and food-growing techniques.

The job was especially complex due to the intricate nature of the wall surfaces that the videos are projected on. In keeping with the overall design aesthetic of the pavilion, the surfaces that the video experiences are projected on are faceted in nature, like a beautiful origami creation. For this, we created visuals that actually use all of these facets to the advantage of the stories and all transitions are custom made to showcase the complex surface they are projected on. Fortunately, UVPH is well experienced, and in fact specializes, in creating these types of unique experiences for different brands. We are relying on our 15 year history of innovative design work on such diverse projects such as the rebranding of ATT and Xerox, to creating channel branding for such networks as Syfy, WEtv, and Al Jazeera English, to creating innovative live experiences for the Beijing Summer Olympics and HP Discover events.

A full credit list can be found on the USA Pavilion site, here